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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Where Does It Work?

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

In an environment higher than one atmospheric pressure, the process of inhaling high concentrations of oxygen to treat diseases is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen can increase the blood supply and oxygen concentration of tissue cells, increase its energy synthesis, strengthen metabolism, accelerate cell division, proliferation, and growth, and enhance the functions of systems, organs, and tissues and organs. All hypoxic and ischemic diseases , or a series of diseases caused by hypoxia and ischemia, or diseases that need repair and regeneration, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a significant effect.

benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment

What is the difference between hyperbaric oxygen and atmospheric oxygen?

1. When inhaling hyperbaric oxygen, the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood is much higher than normal pressure oxygen.

Oxygen partial pressure of different oxygen inhalation methods:

① Nasal catheter oxygen inhalation, nasal congestion oxygen inhalation, and ordinary single-tube mask oxygen inhalation (these three are common oxygen inhalation methods in our daily life): the oxygen partial pressure is 220-300mmHg,

② Oxygen inhalation with airtight mask at atmospheric pressure: the partial pressure of oxygen is 760 mmHg.

③Hyperbaric oxygen: The hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the hospital uses 2 atmospheres of pure oxygen inhalation, and the partial pressure of oxygen is: 1520 mmHg

The partial pressure of oxygen in hyperbaric oxygen therapy is 7 times that of ordinary oxygen inhalation therapy under normal pressure!

2. Oxygen inhalation under hyperbaric oxygen has a high partial pressure of oxygen, which can produce strong enough penetrating power, reserve volume, dissolution volume, antibacterial effect, and regulation effect on various systems of the whole body.

3. For some special diseases, such as air embolism, gas gangrene, decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., the curative effect of hyperbaric oxygen cannot be achieved by normal pressure oxygen therapy and drug therapy.

benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber

What does hyperbaric oxygen do?

The role of hyperbaric oxygen is extensive and unique, and there is currently no other way to replace it. Briefly, hyperbaric oxygen has the following effects:

1. Quickly correct the hypoxic state of the body: hyperbaric oxygen can increase blood oxygen content, increase blood oxygen partial pressure, increase physical dissolved oxygen in plasma, and can treat: cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular accident, acute brain dysfunction after cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CO poisoning and other poison poisoning;

2. Effectively improve microcirculation: improve the diffusion capacity of blood oxygen, increase the effective diffusion radius of oxygen, increase the oxygen content and storage capacity in tissues, and treat diseases accompanied by microcirculation disorders, such as burns, frostbite, and crush injuries , shock, skin grafting, bone grafting, limb replantation, etc.;

3. Prevention and treatment of various types of edema: Hyperbaric oxygen has a contraction effect on blood vessels (except the hepatic artery and vertebral artery), so it can reduce the permeability of blood vessels, reduce the exudation of blood vessels and tissues, and improve various edemas.

4. Promote the establishment of collateral circulation, increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier: promote the discharge of harmful gases.

5. Accelerate the regeneration and repair of tissues, blood vessels and cells, especially ischemic and hypoxic tissues.

6. The ability to inhibit the growth, reproduction and toxin production of anaerobic bacteria: it is a specific therapy for gas gangrene.

7. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms: it can inhibit the growth and reproduction of many aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms; increase the efficacy of certain antibiotics and synergistically treat infectious diseases;

8. Enhance the curative effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on malignant tumors.

benefits of hyperbaric therapy

Which diseases can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen?

Hypoxia, ischemic diseases, or a series of diseases caused by hypoxia and ischemia can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen.

Common hypoxic-ischemic diseases are as follows:

1. Various poisonings, such as CO poisoning, carbon dioxide poisoning, hydrogen sulfide poisoning, hydride poisoning, ammonia gas poisoning, phosgene poisoning, pesticide poisoning, chemical drug poisoning, etc.

2. Cerebral hypoxia, cerebral edema, cerebral resuscitation, etc. caused by drowning, hanging, electric shock, cardiogenic shock, anesthesia accident and other reasons.

3. Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, vasculitis, vasculitis, arterial embolism, myocardial infarction

4. Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral atrophy, cerebral contusion, post-traumatic brain syndrome, vegetative state (vegetative state), etc.

5. Neonatal asphyxia, cerebral palsy, high-risk pregnancy.

6. Gas gangrene, tetanus and other anaerobic infections.

7. Multiple sclerosis, radiculitis, myelitis, paraplegia, peripheral nerve injury, multiple neuritis, vascular headache, cone-basal artery insufficiency, cervical spondylosis, etc.

8. Viral encephalitis, viral myocarditis, etc.

9. Peptic ulcer (stomach, duodenal ulcer, postoperative ulcer, chronic ulcerative colitis, etc.).

10. Neuritis, vasculitis, low eye hemorrhage and other complications caused by diabetes.

11. Skin transplantation, limb (finger) replantation, vasculitis, arterial embolism, vasculitis, intractable ulcer, aseptic osteonecrosis, poor bone healing, chronic osteomyelitis, radiation osteomyelitis, crush injury, Osteofascial compartment syndrome, postoperative wound healing, etc.

12. Uveitis, central retinal choroiditis, optic atrophy, retinal artery embolism, retinal vein thrombosis, sudden deafness, facial paralysis, periodontitis, oral ulcers, etc.

Through the above introduction, some people will mistakenly believe that hyperbaric oxygen can cure all diseases. In fact, although the diseases listed above are different in nature and affect different tissues and organs, they are all hypoxic-ischemic diseases or diseases caused by hypoxic-ischemic diseases.

benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy

Why can hyperbaric oxygen treat diseases?

The human body needs oxygen for aerobic metabolism in order to obtain energy. Any problem with aerobic metabolism in any part can lead to disease. The occurrence, development and prognosis of many diseases are closely related to hypoxia and ischemia. Knowing this, it is not difficult to understand the role of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of diseases.


Is it harmful for normal people to inhale hyperbaric oxygen?

As long as the treatment plan is selected properly, hyperbaric oxygen will not cause harm to people. In clinical work, doctors and family members often enter the cabin to accompany patients for treatment. Although some family members of the patients did not inhale oxygen, under high pressure, the chronic diseases of some accompanying guests were alleviated, and even cured unconsciously. Moreover, micro-pressure oxygen therapy with relatively low air pressure has the functions of improving human sub-health, repairing damaged cells, restoring alkaline body, antibacterial and antibacterial, and regulating body immunity for normal people.

benefits of oxygen chamber

What does it feel like to be in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is non-invasive and painless, and the treatment itself requires no syringes or drugs. Patients only need to sit or lie in the cabin wearing an oxygen mask. After starting to pressurize, the temperature in the cabin will increase, but then the air conditioner will cool it down to a comfortable temperature. During decompression, the temperature in the cabin will drop, and the air conditioner will also adjust at this time. When the pressure is boosted, you will feel the change of the pressure in the ear (similar to the feeling when flying on a plane). At this time, you can adjust it by yawning, swallowing or "pinching your nose and blowing air". Generally, this can be quickly eliminated. A sense of discomfort. Apart from this change in ear pressure, there is generally no other abnormal or uncomfortable feeling.

benefits of oxygen therapy for skin

Microbaric Oxygen Chamber - Popularization of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The microbaric oxygen chamber is pressurized and oxygenated, so that the oxygen and negative ions surrounded in the chamber can be effectively transported to various organs of the human body through the breathing and microcirculation system, increasing the tissue oxygen partial pressure, restoring cell vitality, and regulating metabolic functions. Make various functions in the body gradually balance, and increase the storage of dissolved oxygen in the organs. Micro-pressure oxygen therapy can help repair damaged cells, regulate the body's immunity, effectively relieve altitude sickness, beautify and anti-aging, assist in the treatment of chronic diseases, and improve sub-health status.

benefits of hyperbaric treatment

Principle of Microbaric Oxygen Chamber

Oxygen Zhiyuan HBOT micro-pressure oxygen chamber creates a "micro-pressure oxygen environment" that cannot be formed naturally in nature. The cabin body is made of aerospace-grade special materials, which can resist more than 600 kinds of bacteria and mildew. It is airtight, pressure-resistant, durable, etc. Excellent performance realizes "bringing the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber home".

The micro-pressure oxygen chamber fills the cabin with clean air and oxygen to form a micro-pressure environment of about 1.3 atmospheres, and has achieved two breakthroughs: 1. The combined oxygen saturation can be rapidly increased to more than 99%, and it is infinitely close to saturation ; 2. Open the dissolved oxygen channel for the human body to absorb oxygen at a high speed, increase the dissolved content by more than 5 times, and greatly increase the tissue oxygen reserve!

Studies have shown that the high saturation of blood oxygen content in the human body can inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria, alleviate and improve various body damage and diseases caused by hypoxia, and is beneficial to improve sub-health.

The microbaric oxygen chamber is suitable for health preservation, rehabilitation, and beauty treatment of entrepreneurs with long-term overdraft health, frail middle-aged and elderly people, three highs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and ladies who love beauty. It is also for athletes to restore physical strength and troops to improve individual combat effectiveness. , first aid and the best choice for outdoor activities.

Diverse patients receiving treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.


∆ Air is used as the raw material (the PM2.5 value of the air entering the cabin is <20), no auxiliary materials are required, the technology content is high, and the use cost is low;

∆ The main engine of the power source has simple structure, reliable quality, convenient maintenance and long service life;

∆ International standard medical oil-free air compressor is used, the cylinder piston material does not contain oily substances, and no lubricating oil is added, which ensures the high quality of the gas entering the cabin and the safety of supporting equipment;

∆ There is a negative ion generator inside the main engine, and the average cm3 of negative ions entering the cabin port with the gas is not less than 10,000;

∆ The host body is made of ABS material, which is elegant, low noise, and less vibration;

∆ The cabin is made of international top aerospace special materials, and the inner tank is made of silver ion coating technology, which can resist more than 600 kinds of germs and mildew. It is environmentally safe, soft and durable, and easy to fold and carry;

∆ Miniaturized overall, easy to move, easy to operate, and can be turned on by swiping a card.

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benefits of hyperbaric oxygen

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